Freespee Continues To Expand, Launches A Revamped Website

    FreespeeFreespee, a Sweden based cloud communication startup with a focus on Pay per Call solutions and call tracking launched a revamped website a short while back. The startup has been around since 2008 and it has been growing ever since. I thought about going over a few statistics and they were quite impressive.

    Following is a bird’s eye view of where they stand:

    • It presently operates in 13 countries, a few of which include: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and the UK. Stepping ahead with such solid foundations, Freespee plans to add another six countries in 2011. These include: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Latvia and Estonia.
    • It will cover a total population of 260 million in 2011.
    • An Advertiser reach of over 950,000 with 7,000 local area codes provided.

    In a blog post Freespee Founder and CEO, Carl Holmquist also highlighted achievements of Freespee lately. The team has doubled in size, which means that they are doing good financially to sustain more team members, this increase is also justified with their customers almost tripling in size and a revenue growth almost 400% of what it was. Of course the revamping of the site wasn’t being done to promote achievements only, it was to clarify what Freespee is about to all the new customers. I mean you are opening yourself to new markets and customers alike and it is imperative that you state clearly the purpose or service your tool provides.


    A visit to the site registers all key areas that Freespee addresses and or specializes in. There is no prolonged video tutorial or a need for a probable client or customer to read through your blogs or FAQs only to get the purpose or solution the service provides.

    It will be interesting to see how Freespee fares in 2011 and from their consistent expansion and growth it is evident that the team will definitely cater to a major chunk of the European population. We will keep an eye on this and try to get some updates from Carl on where they see themselves heading on to, that way we aren’t left creating speculations on our own knowledge of the product. Keep an eye on this for an update!

    Update 2:15 – 8.2.2011: Freespee has also announced today that they have closed financing of 1.1 million euros from the Finnish based venture capital fund Inventure.

    Sami Lampinen, Managing Partner at Inventure, comments: “We are seeing a very positive development for Freespee, and at the same time a European-wide increase in the amount of marketing spend going to performance-based advertising channels. Large media companies are using Freespee to track, prove and monetise their advertising properties with fully scalable technology that hasn’t been available before.”