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When talking about what makes a startup community come together, many people immediately identify gatherings and events as the cornerstone of building a movement. This was certainly the case when we first introduced the concept of ArcticEvenings, back in the distant 2009.

So with Arctic15:Exit Path looming on the horizon, we decided to bring the concept back and help you guys network and connect with each other even more. In the coming months, we want to bring ArcticEvenings to Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Tampere, Oulu & Helsinki. So keep on the lookout for the announcement of your city, and if you think we should come somewhere that is not on the agenda – do let us know.

The first event will be held already on the 8th of April, in Vilnius and you can join here. There is going to be a lot of activity on that day as we are co-organizing the event together with Startup Sauna, who will be holding a Startup Sauna Local Event at the same venue during the day, before we head into the ArcticEvening.

The Startup Sauna event will have 20 teams coming, and will be filled with a lot of mentoring from great coaches such as: Tuomas Kosonen (Chariman of the Board, 46Elks), Marco Halén (Former CIO of OP-Pohjola Group & Saku Everi (Partner at Helsinki Ventures). You can still apply to the event here and check out other local events here.

Free Beer

Our own program will start at 18:30 with a speech by Dmitri Sarle, the CEO of ArcticStartup titled: “Hacking Conferences & Events: How to get the most value out of them”. Basically we have been to countless events and we want people to get the most value out of going to them.

The basic premise is that events are not just for fun, you actually need to plan for them. For example the Login Conference that will be held in Lithuania just after ArcticEvening on the 10th-11th of April in Vilnius is expecting over 3200 guests and we want you to be ready.

You need to have a strategy, which guarantees a return on your investment. During the talk, Dmitri will share all of ArcticStartups knowledge when it comes to going to events. To see what to expect, here is a brief article that serves as a teaser.

Naturally, it is important for you all to network, so the event will facilitate that with plenty of time, free beer and snacks to go around. Hopefully this will also give everyone a “people skills” boost and we are all going to have plenty of fun.

During the event, we will also give out at least two tickets to Arctic15:Exit Path, which at the current early bird price are valued at €249. The ArcticEvening itself is free and you can register here.

The event is made possible by our Lithuanian partners Startup Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania.

During The Day: Invitation Nokia X Android Portathon – Apply Today!

If this was not enough, there is another event that will be organized by Nokia on the same day, where they will basically let you make some more money if you already have an android app. As you probably have heard, Nokia recently announced the Nokia X product family. So bring your existing Android Apps to Nokia.

It only takes a few hours to port your existing Android app and get it published on the Nokia Store. Which means that at minimal effort, you will be able to create a new income stream and get a first insider insight before anybody else in your country.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Vilnius and at Arctic15:Exit Path.

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