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Fraced is a relatively new, Helsinki based, social networking service. They themselves state that they are a user centric location based social network. The basic features in the service include a map based view to your network, a dashboard view to activities in your network, message center, photo sharing, video sharing and blogging.

I signed up and it slightly shocked me that they had my photo online already, but of course they pulled it from Gravatar and thus speeded up things in signing up. However, things like this should be in some way made clear to the user. These sort of shock moments aren’t very appealing as you try out the service for the first time.

Nevertheless, the service in itself looks very clean and usability is good. However, it still makes me wonder what the service is for? A cleaner UI and a few cool features aren’t enough to pull your network off from other social networking services. Secondly, the identity of the individuals behind the service are a mystery as they don’t state any names related to the team. Even I was approached with an unnamed e-mail message from the service undersigned as “-Someone”.

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