Founder Lasse Mäkelä steps aside at Invesdor

Founder of Finnish equity crowdfunding platform Invesdor, Lasse Mäkelä, said he is leaving his operational role with Invesdor, and start to build leads and lead network for Invesdor through his advisory company Larzon Capital.

“I will obviously continue to help Invesdor grow as a major owner and board member, but my main focus will be in advisory and board work,” he said in a blog post. “As my strength has always been in the mergers & acquisitions and private and public fundraisings, I will be focusing on this space also in the future.”

Mäkelä founded Invesdor with five friends in 2012 and he has led it for 8 years, buiilding a team of 35 people in five European countries.

“It is needless to say that the last year was challenging with Covid-19 and all. But as Invesdor now have a good leadership team with an excellent operational team in place, I feel confident to cut some cords to my “baby”,” Mäkelä said.

Günther Lindenlaub is the new Chief Executive Officer of Invesdor, shows the company’s web page.