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While being very careful about this – as the facts are somewhat questionable, Fortune’s Tech blog Google24/7 suggests that Google’s Andy Rubin might know something more about Nokia and their view on the Android platform. At yesterday’s AllThingsD -conference the Google VP let out a few things regarding a possible Nokia’s venture into the Android platform.

While I hate writing news with this little proof to back it up, I think this is an interesting piece to publish – despite its questionable status (and as long as readers understand this). The discussion below is taken from AllThingsD from a transcript of the talk from the event itself.

Kara: Have you gone to Finland to woo Nokia?

Rubin: I haven’t been to Finland.

Walt: Forget Finland, have you tried to convince Nokia?

Rubin just laughs (a-ha).

7:12 pm
Kara: The discussions with Nokia–talk about them in detail.

Rubin: The company has new leadership [referring to CEO Stephen Elop]. They are evaluating lots of alternatives. I’m open-minded and a big proponent of Android.

Rubin again declines to talk about any meetings he may have had.

Fortune believes Rubin has talked to the new leadership at Nokia about Android. Despite possible discussions, I find this natural and a very feasible approach by Elop. It’s a totally different question whether Nokia will do anything about Android in the future with its heavy investments into Meego and Qt.

Image by Fenng

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