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The Estonian based mobile payment provider, Fortumo, has launched, apparently first in the market, an instant-activation in-app payments service for Android devices. The difference in this for the developer, compared to other providers, is that Fortumo is able to activate the payment services to about 40 countries instead of integrating a different payment method for each country.

Rain Rannu, founding partner of Fortumo explains, “Fortumo In-App Payments is open to all developers, regardless of size or location. We do not ask for application forms nor grant limited private access to selected developers only”.

The attractiveness of the service is in the easiness of taking advantage of these services. Application users do not have to enter any payment information, nor register – they can pay with a single click on the screen. The payments are handled by the operators and thus billed with their telephone bill.

Fortumo’s typical customers are small and medium sized developers who are looking to avoid the red tape and go to market as fast as possible. While there are similar kind of services available, Fortumo doesn’t charge any startup fees, monthly fees nor minimum volume commitments.

Typical Fortumo customers are online game portals, mobile application developers, social networks and other internet based companies. Fortumo has had a very impressive track record so far. Its 41 000 registered service providers have created more than 120 000 mobile payment services that are available to about 1.5 billion mobile subscribers on 4 continents.

Betting on the payment services for applications, and especially in-app payments, Fortumo is playing its cards wisely. There is huge potential in this market and being a small, but agile company it can create a very attractive offering with little bureaucracy and fixed costs that could work to be a favorite among small and medium sized app developers.

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