Former Rovio Game Developers Join Forces With SPYR

Finnish Superplus Games co-publishes today 80’s inspired arcade game Retro Shot.

Finnish mobile gaming company Superplus Games and US-based publisher SPYR release their debut title Retro Shot today. The 80’s inspired game combines classic mini golf and neon pinball mechanics alongside lasers, explosions and neon lights – and the soundtrack is true retro synthwave.

Founded by a team of former Rovio developers in the beginning of 2015, Superplus Games has deep knowledge of the free-to-play mobile market. The founders Kalle Mäkinen, Joonas Mäkilä and Petteri Linnakangas have been involved in the development of more than 70 titles – including such Finnish success stories as Angry Birds and Flatout Series.

“As big fans of 80’s music and culture, we dreamed of developing a retro-style arcade game that mimics the look and feel of that iconic time,” describes Kalle Mäkinen, CEO of Superplus Games.

The fast-paced arcade game with 80 stages and 24 pinballs is now available worldwide for iOS and Android.