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Fooducer Finds New Investors

Recognized investors from food and tech industry have recently invested three million kroner in Fooducer.

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Fooducer is the largest B2B food industry platform in Denmark. Its main idea is to make the exchange of product information easier and to enhance communication between the stakeholders. Thanks to its knowledge of the industry and its ability to ‘feel’ the community, Fooducer has found a unique niche, making them interesting for both: the tech and food industry.

These days the platform finalized a promising deal with Hemming Van, former owner of Daloon, private industry investor Capnova and Kasper Hulthin, co-founder of Podio and Peakon. All together, they have just invested three million kroner in Fooducer.

“We have created a unique product that can share and convey all necessary food data across the companies. It is suitable for both huge wholesalers and specialized small manufacturers. Now we have an opportunity to hire more professionals and we are ready to increase our presence in the region.” says co-founder and CEO Fie Hansen-Hoeck.

According to the company, the users of the platform usually save up to 50 percent on product administration and marketing.

“I know from my experience at Daloon how many resources are bound in food managing. It is a challenge for everyone in the industry to find a way to reduce time costs while providing customers with the information they need. With Fooducer you can save time and money on administration. That is a core challenge that we resolve.” says Hemming Van about his investment.

In 2.5 years, Fooducer has increased its platform users up to nearly 1200 Danish companies. The team of the company consists of experienced entrepreneurs with 35 years of experience in the food industry. What is more, these days the company is rather active in several European markets.

“Fooducer is an excellent example of howby saving time and money, technology can create new opportunities for industry players.” states Kasper Hulthin.

At present, Fooducer also has an advanted as it has no direct competitors. Hence if we add to this time-saving working tools and community-based functionality, the company has excellent opportunities for growth.

This article is in collaboration with Øresund Startups, originally by Iryna Liaukovich. Øresund Startups is a news site focusing on startups in Copenhagen and the other cities around the Øresund strait; Malmö, Helsingborg and Lund. It was initiated by Karsten Deppert and covers news about startups and events from the startup scene. You can follow them at @Oresundstartups.

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