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Finnish Foodie.fm has raised a new round of financing to help them increase growth. The investors in this round were the government backed Veraventure together with the Vigo Veturi Venture Accelerator. The size of the investment was not disclosed.

We previously covered and went through the Foodie.fm concept back in early February. Around then, they just had announced a partnership with one of the largest grocery store chains S-Ryhmä. It seems these partnerships and recent developments have worked well in favor of Foodie.fm.

Keith Bonnici of Veraventure states that the service represents high knowledge of service design in an are that is very competitive at the moment – easing consumers’ day-to-day life. He goes on to mention that to gain success the service has to be easy to use and provide a lot of added value to the daily lives of consumers. Bonnici goes on to conclude that Foodie.fm fills these requirements easily and has a good chance of being a great international success.

At the moment the service works on the Apple platform, iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. During the spring and summer the service will be made available for browsers and during the end of the year for Nokia smartphones. The service will be rolled out in Finland to begin with and other selected countries later on.

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