gets your groceries waiting for you at Helsinki Airport

    All you travelers going through HEL (Helsinki’s airport) likely already take advantage of the Alepa grocery store located when exiting Terminal 2 in order to pick up some food for that empty fridge at home. But in that rush to get home, in my experience this means grabbing some quick calories to scarf down – not a proper shopping trip.

    But in cool news, as you’re lounging in that terminal before heading to Helsinki you can get some shopping done with Helsinki-based’s online service which allows you to choose what you want from that Alepa, choose a pickup time, and then pick up your paid-for bag from the new storage lockers located outside the Helsinki Airport Alepa store. The lockers are chilled and open up with a customer-specific code you get in a text message, meaning you can still pick up a snack even if your plane is the last one in.’s service allows consumers to plan out shopping trips by figuring out what exactly is in your local store, and easy access to product information. Travelers waiting at busstops and train stations can also go to’s branded walls, where you can see grocery products, scan them in the Foodie app, and get them delivered. The company has delved deeper into their shopkeeper tools lately, helping retailers to move away from printouts and spreadsheets into dedicated view for orders from their iPads where they can easily modify the order in real-time if needed.

    “Our goal is to ease consumers’ chores by offering a tool for more convenient and shopping. The new service is yet another indication of how online and mobility can help our lives and to the way we do grocery shopping. Coming home from a holiday or work trip is essentially easier without the added hassle of returning to an empty fridge,” says Kalle Koutajoki, CEO for Digital Foodie. is backed by Veraventure, Veturi Venture Accelerator and Tekes