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Foodie.fm Becomes More Social

Foodie.fmFoodie.fm, the startup we reviewed back in February last year. Foodie helps you with grocery shopping in a reverse way; lets you add a meal to your cart and breaks it into the ingredients that you need to prepare the meal. The value of the application is clearly in its ease of use – it basically combines your cook book with recipes and your shopping list.

Foodie.fm recently announced an update to their service that makes its iPhone app (you can download it here) more social. The application enables Foodie.fm users to connect with interesting people and at the same time discover better products and recipes that are highly recommended. Isn’t this more or less leaning on services like Twitter, Facebook, etc? Nothing wrong with it, rather I find it quite smart to integrate the same in a service designed for food lovers. The iPhone 2.0 version adds community recommendations to the already existing features like algorithmic and personalized recommendations.

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I will sway a bit off topic here, but I think it’s essential to point it out here. The Facebook app with its recent update appears to be quite spammy with page recommendations, making your news feed go all crazy. With Foodie.fm and the update with recommendations I am worried about the same, though it prioritizes these recommendations on the basis of how closely they are associated to you. Meaning that recommendations from family come first followed by those of others.


With people better connected and the social activity becoming more mobile, Foodie.fm takes the necessary baby steps to grow big. The service is still available only in Finland with claims of it expanding further. I would however suggest it solidifies its position more before it crosses borders.

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