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Female HACCP consultants’ minimalist approach to food safety has encouraged investments

Headquartered in New York with offices in Tallinn and Berlin, FoodDocs takes steps in the direction to upgrade the current food safety procedures with the aid of artificial intelligence. This AI power is used for offering a HACCP builder to the industry. This means one can get help with monitoring the whole procedure with minimal effort, time and money.

The company’s guidance for a rapid and cost-efficient walkthrough has raised $2.4 million after the investment round led by Bonnier Ventures with United Angels VC which is also known as Specialist VC, Forward Venture Capital, and Spring Capital.

What is this HACCP?


The abbreviation refers to Hazard Analysis Critical Control. This is kind of a management system that gives an idea about the safety of the food provided as a service. After deep analyses and controls, it retrieves the information about the hazardousness of a finished product.

The controls are very detailed and consist of the biological, chemical, and physical situation of the food in the given circumstances. To reduce the risks that may come out during the production of a certain food, this is a must. The procedures must be followed elaborately. That’s why it takes a while and there is no escape from this.

FoodDocs’ contribution to the procedures

Founded in 2017, two women with over 30 year-experience in the industry came forward and decided to make contributions regarding handling the food safety management system which also requires a HACCP plan.


To see those who have been having troubles during the process of HACCP certification, it triggered to come up with software to help those business owners in need have a low-cost and faster experience in terms of getting certificated for their food safety management. FoodDocs hires machines for their learning skills to offer business owners an easier way to follow the procedures.

fooddocs“The food industry is hungry for change because of the pandemic”, said Katrin Liivat, co-founder and CEO of FoodDocs. “Compliance processes need to become more efficient and company-friendly – that’s where we change the game. Leveraging AI, FoodDocs makes getting compliant 500x faster than the traditional method and allows food businesses to save 20% of their time on staying compliant.” Liivat added.

The software covers all regulations considering HACCP and other food safety management system requirements. This costs the users less time and money.The research was carried out by FoodDocs and Christian Kelder, chef at Sume Restaurant.


According to the results of the case study, this digital platform enables them to save almost 8 hours a week which means to them more than 3 thousand dollars per year.

Women’s minds set the rules again


FoodDocs provides a user-friendly and cost-efficient service to shoulder the burden on the food industries’ shoulders. The system saves more than 20% free time on food safety tasks and allows monitoring of the process from a real-time dashboard.

Their food safety management system has already reached over 10,000 users in 59 countries, including Huboo, Smart Lunches, The Oxford Food Co., and Bolt Market. Now, with the help of investments, FoodDocs expects to enhance the system and reach more lands, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States.

This lifesaver software meets with its audience thanks to the women founders; Katrin Liivat and Karin Repp, and contributors which include Executive Officer Catherine McLow, Operating Officer Karen Releigh, Technology Officer Rasmus Bird along with Head of Customer Support Galina Muiźnieks, Head of Sales Violetta Njunina and Eleri Lipping.

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