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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Fonecta invests into mobile feedback startup Taputa

In the past Finnish directory service Fonecta has acted more as an acquirer than an investor, but that seems to be changing as the company announced it has made their second recent investment with Taputa, a startup in the feedback area. Neither company shared any numbers or the terms of the investment, but it’s good news to see traditional Finnish companies starting to interact and invest in the startup space.

We haven’t had the chance to cover Taputa but the company was founded 2.5 years ago by Mirko Lännenpää after he says he had been exposed to one too many impractical feedback systems. The old-school methods, like the “leave a comment” cards were too impractical to really reach company management, or were too slow to have a positive impact in his opinion.

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To solve this Taputa provides several mobile methods allowing customers to speak their mind to management, such as using QR codes placed at a company’s service point, on receipts, through electric screens, or via links on company websites. After scanning the code you can then rate the service or speak your mind. For companies its an overall better way to stay connected to their customers and get timely feedback to make decisions.

“Our collaboration with Taputa is a good example of our new investment strategy and we intend to play similar part in many growth stories going forward,” states Timo Hiltunen, CEO of Fonecta.

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