Fluid Interaction is a Finnish tech startup working to innovate in the space of user interfaces. We covered the company back in April as they released Different Tack, a new way to view one’s Twitter stream. Today they announced the company won Nokia’s Calling All Innovator’s Social Media category with their Different Tack app. This resulted in $150 000 as a cash prize.

Nokia’s Calling All Innovators competition covered 11 application categories and 6 gaming categories where developers could compete for the best app in each of the categories. The prize ceremony where the other categories are awarded will take place on August 25th in California.

Different Tack has been created as a spin-off based on research in this area. The company was founded in 2007 and has 5 employees, which are also the owners of the company. Different Tack is the first commercial product of the company.

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