Fluid Interaction is a Finland based startup that has just released an innovative Twitter client called Different Tack. The client is currently available for Nokia devices and they plan to make Android and iOS versions of the app available soon.

The app creates a new “infographical” presentation of the Twitter stream. The innovation of the app is in the user interface and the user is able to read the tweets by simply scrolling a turn dial on screen. According to the team, the “innovative UI is based on deep understanding of human perception and cognition”.

“Competing clients are based on UI’s more or less identical with each other, displaying the Twitter timeline just like Twitter’s original solution”, states Kalle Määttä, one of the co-founders behind the company. According to him, their app is optimised for small displays and devices in a more natural way.

Different Tack has been created by Fluid Interaction which is a spin-off based on research in this area. The company was founded in 2007 and has 5 employees, which are also the owners of the company. Different Tack is the first commercial product of the company.

This may be an innovative and a completely new approach to the problem of reading tweets the regular way (if there indeed is one), but it remains to be seen how the company will make money off its work. The app is freely available in the Ovi Store and the iOS and Android versions will be launched during summer 2011, according to the company.

Below is a promotional video of the application in use.