Flowdock Integrates Pivotal Tracker To Its Platform

    flowdockWe have been following Flowdock quite regularly since its launch back in 2009. Flowdock is an online collaboration tool for organizations and teams to effectively communicate with each other, pretty much like Yammer. It originated from the idea of having a tool to effectively manage the number of hours put up in a project, thus providing a platform to organize the organizations.

    In a recent update, Flowdock has integrated Pivotal Tracker to its service. Pivotal Tracker provides users with an easy to use project management tool that makes collaboration between software development teams more effective. The integration of Pivotal Tracker to Flowdock will enable users to monitor their project activity in context to their online conversations. The focus here is on concentrating all work related conversations and activity at on one platform that too in real time.

    For those of you who are using Flowdock already you can follow the given steps to setup Tracker on Flowdock:

    • Head over to project view in Pivotal Tracker and opt Project then Configure integrations as shown in the image.


    • Move to the Activity Web Hook section and it is here you will have to paste the URL to Pivotal Tracker web hook field.
    • With this done Save the URL.

    The procedure can be repeated every time you integrate a project from Tracker to Flowdock. Flowdock has been actively introducing features and improving its product over time, primarily making the platform more relevant to their existing userbase. It will be interesting to see how this latest integration fits their platform.