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Flowdock, which claims to be the best team messenger out there, has gone into production and paid mode as of this morning. We covered Flowdock back in October 2009 when they were just coming out with their product. They’ve come a long way since and it makes for an interesting story to cover, especially from a go-to-market point of view. I had a brief chat with Otto Hilska, one of the founders and CTO of Flowdock. During the last year, more or less the whole time of their beta program, they have managed to gather interest from 6000 teams who have used their product.

One of the first things they realised during their beta program was that product adoption was way too difficult. The service has since then gone through many different iterations based on customer feedback and insight. Otto Hilska stated that during the beta program they’ve received about a couple of thousand valuable pieces of customer feedback. “People are surprisingly eager to help in developing a service that might be valuable for them”, continues Hilska.

From today on, all their users will undergo a 30 day trial period during which they will have to choose their paid plan. The plans are priced from $19 to $159 US monthly depending on the package you choose. Those who have answered their survey, will receive an extra 30 days of free trial. Below you will see a snapshot of the different packages.

Otto Hilska says that they currently employ 6 people and they have one position open for an UX/UI designer. They’ve been able to finance their development through the sale of their hosting business which they ran under the name of Nodeta. The future is definitely in the development of the Flowdock product, according to Hilska.

Flowdock plans to to full speed towards the US market in early next year. According to Hilska, most of their clients are from there anyhow so it only makes sense to leverage those early users in acquiring more users.

One of the things I admire Flowdock is they way they’ve been able to focus a lot on improving the product and making it more relevant for their key users. Furthermore, their site breathes and lives perfection to details. One of the things a media representant (like me) notices soon is for example if they share logos and the little things that make it all the world easier to give companies coverage. Small things matter, and that’s one of the reasons I believe the Flowdock team is onto something here.

Their ability to convert the 6000 teams who have used the service will show soon, just how well.

Disclaimer: ArcticStartup’s Karri Saarinen has worked before the Summer 2011 with Nodeta and Flowdock. ArcticStartup has had no business relations with Flowdock.

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