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FloobsLaunched in September 2007, Floobs (and the Finnish version, open for beta), is going head on with Seesmic into the personal video channel business.

Floobs is now in open beta in the Finnish site and the site will be going to live beta on the international site in November, according to their help page. Floobs allows users to store video clips on the server, make their own videos out of them and follow other users’ videos. Floobs also allows users to send live video, which is a nice idea – not sure how usable though.

Like many Finnish companies, Floobs allows users to send video through a mobile client onto the service. The mobile client will also be able to broadcast live video, so this is taking the whole citizen journalism to a new level. For the moment the client was still not loadable, but will be on the site during autumn 2007.

If you’re in Paris for LeWeb 3, you’ll be able to bumb into the founders – Joonas Pekkanen and Kai Lemmetty.

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