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The news today and this week seem to be all about Estonia and for a great reason too! Flirtic, another Estonain company is flying high – they have raised funding from Almaz Capital, a Russian VC firm. Flirtic is a new approach to online dating. It borrows a lot from social networks in terms of usability, but puts all this into an online dating context.

The size of the investment was not disclosed, but the money will be used to roll out the service into English and Russian speaking markets. Furthermore, together with the investment, Flirctic has appointed April Henry, Senior Vice President of MySpace as one of their new board members.

“Flirtic offers a dating experience very different from existing dating sites,” said Andres Susi, Flirtic CEO. “We want to make dating playful, not painful. The games and tests on Flirtic provide singles with great, natural ways to start a conversation while also helping us to match them with other singles based on their personalities, tastes and interests.”

April Henry, also comments: “Old forms of dating no longer work for young people who have grown up using social media to stay in touch.” He goes on to praise the service that 30% of their users return to the site on a daily basis, meaning they’ve reached way that works with young people. Flirtic targets people between the ages of 18 and 35.

The company is led by a team that have also built their experience through Rate Solutions, a leading social networking company in the Baltic nations. The shareholders include Andrei Korobeinik, Evgeny Pshenichnikov, entrepreneurs and founders behind Rate Solutions, as well as technology investment company MTVP and angel investor Jaak Roosipuu.

Below are a few screenshots of the service.

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