Fleep finds to kill email, you must become email

    Given the massive momentum of team communication channels like Hipchat and Slack, and you might be under the impression that any startup with “communication” in their tagline might as well be dead. But while Slack is the go-to internal communication channel for companies, one massive problem it doesn’t improve is communication between users between different organizations.

    This gets back to the old problem – you can’t live with email, and you can’t live without it. That doesn’t mean that there can’t be an improvement, however. Estonia’s Fleep hopes to be the newer, better communication layer for organizations by merging together emails and messages into “conversations”. To make sense of it all, they’ve invented a Pinboard to pull out the important messages to the side of a conversation, which everyone can then view or edit. On top of that they have features like voice and video chat, as well as plenty of integrations.

    It’s like a team communication platform, but designed from the beginning to be used together by members from outside organizations. To lower the barrier and give it more ammunition to take on email, they’ve just released an “FleepID” to help bridge the gap – that comes in the format of a [email protected] address.

    “We originally saw email integration as just a means of adding non-Fleep users into Fleep conversations,” said Fleep CEO Henn Ruukel. “Then more and more users came to us asking how they could forward their existing email accounts to Fleep and give up on email overall, so we realized we had to accelerate our email integration.”

    So now with the integration you can still email people from outside organizations that don’t use Fleep, but if both parties are using Fleep you’ll obviously skip the email feature.

    Pricing for Fleep starts out free, as long as you only want access to your last 30 days of history. Moving from there it starts at €3 per user per month.