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Three Nordic and Baltic companies have made it to the group of finalists in the Plugg.eu Startups Rally 2010. In total, 116 applications were left to the competition and of these the 20 made it to the final. Plugg.eu is a very entrepreneurship focused conference organised in Brussels, Belgium and we’re happy to one of their media partners promoting the event. The three companies making it into the final are Estonian Fits.me the two Finnish startups Lumo Research and GigsWiz.

Fits.me is a virtual fitting room helping online shoppers pick the right size of clothing. Something that is definitely a show stopper at the moment in online clothing stores. If nothing else, it can reduce the amount of returns as consumers are able to pick the right size the first time round. I met Heikki Haldre in ArcticEvening Tallinn last year and am sure he has a great momentum going with his company. Last year we wrote about Fits.me closing a 1.3 million euro round.

Lumo Research aims to revolutionise the way people collaborate in enterprises. Last December, we covered them and there’s a lot of interesting new innovation bubbling under their hood.

Lastly, but not least, is the new GigsWiz that has received quite a bit of publicity. It’s a company aiming to monetize concerts in a better way, through better statistics. Some of the publicity has also been brought on board by the ex-Floobs founders who joined the startup right after they announced the Floobs bankruptcy.

We’ll keep you posted on how these companies manage with their rivals in Brussels on March 13th.

Update (2.3.2010 @ 8.35am): Hipui is also one of the Finnish finalists in the competition. Apologies for originally leaving them out, totally unintentional. Hipui is a startup aiming to create the next revolution in mobile user experience by providing technology and platforms to enable rich interaction and context awareness.

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