The Estonian, Virtual Fitting Room, has launched. Heikki Haldre, the CEO of the company, has been at work with his team on the concept for quite some time, winning pitches in Tallinn and overseas. A few days ago we received an e-mail from Heikki announcing that they’ve finally launched their service and have done so with a British customer – Hawes and Curtis.

The concept of is relatively simple. The problem they are solving is the huge amount of returns online stores suffer due to the absence of a fitting room. Heikki Haldre and have analysed the market and according to studies, color misrepresentations account for 5 to 7% of returns while the “feel” of the fabric accounts for 15% of returns. The largest single reason for returns is the fit – approximately 60% of garments returned are due to bad fit.

They have also tested this results in their own studies and the improvements, or drops in return rates are significant. What eCommerce sites should really understand is the improvements it does to return rates in the more expensive price groups. Below are some results by, based on their technology. is able to provide everything an online store may need to take advantage of the new technology. They provide the photography and the robot so sellers only need to “show up with their garment”. According to Heikki Haldre, the robot can perform about 100 000 different postures, although only about 2000 are needed for online stores. Each garment is photographed with the 2000 different postures and the fully automated process takes about 15 minutes.

I met Heikki for the first time half a year ago and have ever since been thrilled of their development with the company. Solving a simple, yet a very painful problem for a large enough group could really send to success. To understand how works, you should try out the service at Hawes and Curtis.