Fishbrain Becomes World's First Fish Species Recognition App

Fishbrain, the Swedish mobile app and social network for fishing with more than three million users, today launched the world’s first fish species recognition feature. Fish Species Recognition allows users to automate the process of confirming and logging their catches, while also helping to identify those they may be less familiar with. No more frustration about not knowing what kind of fish you caught.

“Whether you’re new to fishing or simply casting a line into new waters, it can be hard to properly log your catch if you don’t know what you’ve caught,” said Johan Attby, CEO of Fishbrain. “By adding even more intelligence into our app so we can automatically identify catches using the photos anglers are already taking, we’re making sure that every fish reeled in can be tracked as quickly and easily as possible so anglers can focus on catching more fish and having more fun!”

In seeking to preserve the preferred user experience for the Fishbrain community, Fish Species Recognition has been integrated into the existing catch-tracking flow. Previously, a user would have to manually sift through options and choose a species to log their catch in the app. As of today’s update, Fishbrain’s new predictive technology will suggest the most appropriate species and assign an accuracy score.

Fishbrain also announced they have added an enhanced premium tool called Fishing Intelligence, a new feature that replaces Fishbrain’s earlier map system. Fishing Intelligence is more interactive and assists users in finding the most common species, top baits and fishing forecasts for any area of the world. In response to requests from the community, Fishbrain is also increasing the number of baits and lures available in the app, and has committed to frequent bait and lure additions going forward.

This is all being added to Fishbrain’s list of features for anglers like fishing forecasts based on real-catch data, the ability to track various species, sharing experiences with friends, finding hot new fishing spots and seeing what other people are catching, with what bait and specifically where. Fishbrain can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store.