Finnish testing startup Usetrace sold to United States

U.S- based software consultancy Tarmac has acquired assets of Finnish startup Usetrace for an undisclosed sum.

Usetrace, which was in 2016 the second Finnish startup to be chosen for 500 Startups programme, provides a browser-based, automated user interface testing tool for recording and scripting user flows, called traces, from the perspective of users.

“The exciting integration of Usetrace and its software automation tools into our software development process allows our clients to even more rapidly accelerate time to market with their product launches, increase productivity, and enhance the quality of their products,” Anthony Schmidt, CEO of Tarmac, said in a statement.

“For anyone familiar with a typical QA process, it is often laborious and a frequent bottleneck in the software release cycle, and acquiring Usetrace assets help create overall efficiency and improve the quality of that experience,” he said.

“Several of our clients have already seen two to five times speed improvements in the ability to ship software since we’ve incorporated Usetrace,” Schmidt said.

Using Usetrace, Tarmac development teams can capture key user flows and test them with continuous integration mirroring the process used for unit, integration, and functional testing exactly.

“Having a great product alone is not enough. Tarmac’s acquisition of Usetrace assets accelerates our joint ability to boost our product development, marketing and online growth,” said Usetrace cofounder Arto Vuori, who will continue to serve as a consultant to Tarmac.

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