A group of Finnish startups traveling in the US together with Alexander Stubb, Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade, rang the famous bell opening the trading session this morning in New York. Stubb is traveling with a group of startups in the US, meeting with members of media, investors and other stake holders while promoting Finland as a rising startup nation. Later in the journey, the delegation will travel to Silicon Valley to visit networking events, universities, internet companies as well as investors to promote the companies coming out from the region. Below we have a few photos of the event from this morning.

You can follow the tour on Twitter through #FinnvasionUSA.

To increase the stakes a little, we’ll set the clock and see the next time another Finnish company rings the bell again in New York as a result of their listing on the exchange. Go!

Header image by Julien GONG Min, smaller images by Ville Miettinen and Hammerkit.