Bringing Out The Voice Of All Employees

    Finnish communications software startup Apped wants to empower global workforce.

    The company’s cloud-based business apps are promised to transform the way people work in the 21st century. Close to 50 organizations have already started using the startup’s first application, the realtime pulse-o-meter Apped Pulse – which can be downloaded from app stores and integrated instantly to corporate IT systems.

    Now Apped is releasing a portal that helps companies to see the bigger picture – and aims to widen the possibilities of hearing every employee’s voice.

    “Rather than traditional top-down employee surveys, Apped Pulse and Portal help companies be proactive rather than reactive. Dynamic monitoring of real-time data lets them fix problems in time, before they affect motivation, productivity and employee retention,” explains Riikka Jakovuori, the CMO of Apped.

    HR professionals, team leaders and business management can oversee with Apped portal how the Apped solutions are used within the company. Photo: Apped

    The company concentrates especially on helping organizations to adapt faster to digital trends without any involvement from the IT department. In the heart of every Apped solution is to give power to both the employees and employers in creating a better workplace.

    “Feedback must get heard, whether it’s about coffee quality or critical processes,” Jakovuori adds.