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According to Nokia Ääni, a new Nokia blog written in Finnish, Nokia has partnered to film and televise the Finnish snowboarding championships solely with the help of Nokia N8s. According to the blog post, all filming will be done on N8s between the 7th and 10th of April in Ruka, Finland. The filming will be done by a four man crew of Flatlight Films. This is the first time in history a full television show will be filmed with only smart phones.

All the filming will be put together into a 30-minute show that will come out on the Finnish MTV3-channel on 10th of April at 1.30pm. The crew will use all the similar accessories they use with regular cameras to film the event, only this time – the cameras are completely different.

Nokia N8, according to the company is very popular among snowboarders and they began discussions with the Finnish Snowboarding Association to do something similar with mobile phones. In these talks the possibility of filming a show with mobile phones came up.

This will definitely make for interesting watching as there is a definite difference between a professional video camera and a mobile phone. An interesting experiment nevertheless.

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