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Finnish payment and booking service startup announces over 1000% growth

Book Salon, a Finnish payment and platform provider for hair, beauty and wellness companies, has announced more than 1000% growth rate for 2021. The company is planning to make its services available in the European market now.

Book Salon has been founded in 2016 and developed closely with hair and beauty professionals. According to Jonne Castrén, co-founder and chair of board or Book Salon, they started building their product by talking to beauty and hair entrepreneurs about difficulties of being in that line of business. So they have developed solutions for “managing the admin side of things” which are mostly seen as a burden.

Today Book Salon is providing entrepreneurs with a wide range of tools that are aimed to help them run a successful business. Along with its payment terminals and payment processing service, Book Salon also offers a website builder, online booking systems as well as cash and accounting reports. Recently the startup has announced its growth rate from 2021, which is over 1000%.

Next stop for the startup is the European market, and possibly other microentrepreneur fields

According to the customer feedback that they got, the startup’s services save their customers about 100 hours on a yearly basis. This, along with other advantages that the service provides for its clients, are among the most important factors contributing to the success of Book Salon. Following their successful growth, the company is now planning to expand into the European market.

Harri Myllylä, the CEO of Book Salon, says that up to 65% of European beauty and health salons still don’t use any digital tools for bookings and payments. What this means for the company is that they don’t have to compete with other digital solutions that people are already using, they just have to reach out to entrepreneurs who don’t use any. The CEO then goes on to add about potential expansion into other fields:

“Our tools are easily converted to work for other microentrepreneurs, such as plumbers, to name only one example. There are at least as many plumbers as there are beauty and health entrepreneurs.”

Sena Konakci
Sena Konakci
A true free spirit, Sena (she/her) spent a substantial part of her life travelling the world and was working for successful startups in many different fields along with writing for local newspapers and magazines for over two decades. With a knack for detecting promising businesses and years of experience under her belt, Sena has decided to focus her attention on writing about startups. Aside from following the newest developments in the startup scene of the Nordic countries, she loves volunteering and camping in her spare time.

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