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The Finnish developer of multitouch television size screens built the official Twitter wall for CES, which took place in Las Vegas last week. Multitouch got some nice publicity with it as well. The company’s products got noticed by The Discovery Channel as well as Engadget. “We have created the first large-scale display application for Twitter, which is ideal for a public multitouch, multi-user display system,” said Petri Martikainen, the CEO of MultiTouch.

Multitouch also launched Multitaction technology at the event to allow developers to create concepts for large screens. While touch screens dominate the smaller screen size market of electronic goods, it hasn’t been adopted very well in the larger screens. One of the reasons include the support for multiple users.

The company also won the grand prize of 20 009 euros at Mindtrek 2009. Below is a short video of their Twitter wall.

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