Blooming offers a digital mindfulness solution for leaders and knowledge workers.

The story of Blooming began when Kristian Ranta started practicing mindfulness meditation after hectic days as the CEO of his company Mendor. The results were so prodigious that he formed a hypothesis that meditation could alleviate stress and improve brain performance.

In December 2015, Blooming team was formed to test the pilot experiment and not long after the company introduced the final version of the app.


Blooming is an eight-week online digital mindfulness meditation program that helps office workers dealing with stress to prevent possible future burnouts. The service also includes tracking monitor that scans through stress levels, and a personal coach who helps participants along the way.

And just like going to the gym with your buddies, all Blooming’s users can use its smartphone app to find mental training buddies to share the journey with. Who said peer pressure is always negative?

Mindfulness meditation has showed positive results on stress reduction and improving productivity.

“Most of our customers notice that their stress levels are decreasing radically, while meditation improves their sleep quality and ability to focus better,” says Ranta, the founder and CEO of Blooming.

The program is built to monitor and track user’s process, in the way that it will help user to build a long lasting habit of meditation eventually.

“We want to help people to form a habit of doing mindfulness meditation – and if one does it regularly, they can build balance between work and life,” explained Ranta.

Blooming has just raised 330,000 dollars pre-seed funding from Lifeline Ventures and Reaktor Ventures, and it will concentrate on offering its service first to companies in the Bay Area of United States.

At the moment the service is only sold to businesses, but individual users can get a hand on it in the near future.

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