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Finnish medical software company Disior acquired by Paragon28 for $26 million (24,5 million euros)

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Disior, a Finnish medical software company, has been acquired by Paragon 28, a Colorado-based medical device company with an exclusive focus on foot and ankle orthopedic market. It is expected that Disior will speed up internal research programs within Paragon 28 by providing a 3D analytics and pre-operative planning platform.

Paragon 28 was founded in 2010 as a medical device company that is exclusively focused on developing technologies for foot and ankle problems. Committed to improving the lives of the patients, the company has provided innovative and creative solutions that are aimed towards many different foot and ankle ailments.

Paragon 28 creates comprehensive and practical solutions that are centered around both the patient and the surgeon. The company aims to make procedures simpler and repeatable while reducing complications and recurrence and improving results. SMART 28™ is the company’s ecosystem of enabling technologies for planning, support and evaluation before, during and after operations. Paragon 28 has acquired Disior, which is thought to advance Paragon 28’s previously communicated growth strategy.

Disior’s software and Paragon 28’s broad product portfolio can potentially give them an advantage over competitors

As a medical software company with a focus on foot and ankle anatomy, Disior is going to be an integral part of SMART 28™ with this recent acquisition. CEO of Paragon 28, Albert DaCosta, stated that Disior’s software combined with their broad product portfolio further differentiates them from the competition.

Anna-Maria Henell, the CEO of Disior, said that the entire Disior team is very excited to join the Paragon 28 family. Then she went on to add:

“With this partnership, we have combined our talented teams and will bring a new standard of care to foot and ankle patients.”

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Sena Konakci
Sena Konakci
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