Finnish Lunchgate: Peace Talks Have Started

    Two sides of Finnish LunchGate scandal have started peace talks, founder of ResQ Club Oy Tuure Parkkinen said in a Facebook posting on Saturday.

    “I want to inform you that representatives of Bytebuffet Oy have contacted us in conciliatory mood, and are to pull back its accusations against ResQ Club Oy. All sides want to finish digging in old incidents and focus on creating additional value for the clients and creating services which are beneficial for the society,” Parkkinen said in a Facebook update.

    “All people do sometimes things in a rush when they are afraid or annoyed. We can only learn and maybe grow a little as humans.”

    According to Parkkinen sides are planning joint press release and press conference in near future.

    ByteBuffet declined to comment on the content of the post of Parkkinen – but confirmed that they are sending out a press release in the beginning of next week.

    On Thursday ResQ launched a service to sell restaurant leftovers. Soon after that Niko Vähäkuopus from ByteBuffet called us and accused his former employee, Parkkinen, of copying a project he was working on under Vähäkuopus’ management in late 2015.