Finnish Kopla Games Raises €700,000 For Mobile Role-Playing Games

Game industry veteran and angel investor Klaas Kersting joins Kopla’s mission to build action role-playing games for mass audience.

Tampere-based mobile game startup Kopla Games announced on Wednesday that the studio has closed €700,000 € seed round. The investment is made by German angel investor and serial entrepreneur Klaas Kersting – the founder of flaregames and Gameforge.

“Kopla is a highly experienced group with a unique mindset when it comes to developing mobile games. They have very impressive plans to expand their team in a scalable way and have an awesome first product that is already showing itself to be a potential hit,” says Kersting, who has been an early stage investor for gaming startups such as Supercell and Spacetime Studios alongside games marketing company iQU.

Kopla Games was founded in 2015 by Mika Kuusisto, Janne Jaakkola, Vilppu Tuominen and Ilkka Siik – who teamed up while working on Rovio’s Angry Bird franchise.

Their debut title, a mobile role playing game codenamed ‘Project Nonstop’, will be launched in cooperation with flaregames in 2016.

“We are all big fans of action role paying games, and we believe the existing games on mobile have only touched the tip of the iceberg in their true market potential. We tap this opportunity by taking the long lifetime and immersive experience of the genre and make it accessible and appealing to a wide audience,” says the CEO and co-founder of Kopla Games, Mika Kuusisto.

Project Nonstop – played preferably with one thumb – concentrates on the eternal journey of a knight, who has fiendish enemies. Photo: Kopla Games

In 2015, Kopla Games raised 100,000 euros pre-seed round led by Finnish investment company Sisu Game Ventures. Sisu is run by Moaffak Ahmed, Samuli Syvähuoko and American serial entrepreneur and investor Paul Bragiel, who is also an early stage investor at Uber.