Finnish healthtech Etsimo expands in Latin America

Finnish healthtech Etsimo, which uses AI and machine learning on top of health data to offer predictive and preventative solution to healthcare providers and insurance companies said it has agreed on co-operation with Peruvian telemedicine provider Lolimsa.

Etsimo will initially provide its ‘diagnosis and triage’ platform to Lolimsa’s patients in Peru with further ‘platform services’ roll out across other regions planned for third quarter of 2021.

“To expand our service, we needed a first-grade diagnosis and triage platform. We believe Etsimo can support our medical staff and patients with remote care, to increase the access to care and to lower the overall cost of care,” said Rolando Liendo, Chief Executive of Lolimsa.

Lolimsa is a Latin American company that is specialised in healthcare software. Its software is used in more than 230 hospitals, clinics, medical centres in 12 different countries.

“With this agreement, we were able to build on our experience in Brazil and to expand our offering to
the countries where it matters most,” said Thomas Grandell, CEO Etsimo.

“We now have a truly global solution that fits current and future needs of care institutions, and we can leverage this experience to provide better solutions for all our clients moving forward, where digital health will transform from curative to predictive, to truly deliver preventive, personal care,” he said.