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Helsingin Sanomat reports that RAY, the monopoly called Finnish Slotmachine Association, has signed a deal with the iPhone app maker Elias Pietilä regarding his Pajatzo game we earlier reported on. Pietilä had done an iPhone game that reminds of the popular Pajatso game, where the user taps coins into the small holes in the board. This did not go down well with RAY, even though they do not own the trademark for the game. Janne Peräkylä, the head of RAY, has stated that Pajatso is extremely important for them, “If there’s Suomi and sisu (the Finnish mentality), there’s RAY and Pajatso”.

Although Pietilä stated that he could have taken the case to court with very good possibilities in winning it, he did not in the fear of extensive legal fees. After all, he only profited 2700€ from the game. The thinking behind this was that Pietilä breaks the law of good business practices. To really break it, according to Finnish law, you would have to take advantage of the goodwill of the other company. This clearly did not happen as Pietilä marketed the game with his own name. The chief of RAY, Janne Peräkylä, states that development on Pajatso (the original game) will continue but he did not say if the game would be available in digital format in the future.

There were very little details given on the contract between Pietilä and RAY. My guess is that RAY has bought the game from Pietilä along with all the rights to it. This is really sad if RAY fails to take advantage of the concept in digital form. It would be a perfect premium model regarding their real business. Furthermore, RAY is holding the world championships for Pajatso, what better way to promte the event than with a free iPhone app?