Finnish gaming companies come in large numbers

    Asmo Halinen, Co-founder of Apaja, has compiled a listing of Finnish gaming companies into a rather comprehensive list. You can find the list here, and the original blog post about the project here (in Finnish).

    Asmo started the list way back in 2005, but has updated it along the way, the latest update being from 16 July 2008. The list has 38 gaming companies altogether, a number which in itself amazes me. I’d be very interested about the ratio of ‘other startups’ vs. gaming startups in Finland, if anyone wants to compile such a ratio. And if that is not challenging enough I’d love to see the ratios from all the Nordic countries. I have yet to figure out why Finland has relatively such high numbers of gaming firms. Any ideas on this would be warmly welcomed.

    Let us and Asmo know (via comments) if he’s missing anybody from his list.