Finnish Game Awards highlights Legend of Grimrock 2, Seriously

    The Finnish Game Awards gala took place last night – the annual event that points out the notable achievements of the Finnish gaming industry from year before, and is notable itself for getting game developers to dress up. The judges awarded Legend of Grimlock and Seriously Games twice – two hits from a year of strong contenders. This afternoon we popped by Seriously office for an unrelated interview, and even after winning two awards last night at the Finnish Game Awards, the team had their head down and was plugging away.

    Here were the results:

    Best Finnish Game of the Year 2014: Legend of Grimrock 2.

    The desktop dungeon crawler kept fans of the classic genre happy while at the same time drawing in new players to the genre, hitting a score of 82 on Metacritic, and an 8.1 user review.

    Rookie of the Year 2014: Seriously Games

    Seriously Games, the creators of Best Fiends, beat out Quatro Della (Pixel Piracy), Shark Punch (The Masterplan) and Tree Men games (PAKO) thanks to the good hype surrounding the company and their focus on building an entertainment brand.

    Power Player of the Year 2014: Juho Kuorikoski.

    The Finnish game association writes:

    Juho Kuorikoski’s book “Finnish Video games: A History and Catalog” contains the history of the Finnish game industry, presenting over 600 games and history. The publication is available in Finnish and in English and will be available internationally in the Amazon store in August

    Best Big Screen Game of the Year 2014: Legend of Grimrock 2 by Almost Human

    Next year it will be hard to beat Cities: Skylines!

    Best Small Screen Game of the Year 2014: Best Fiends by Seriously

    Seriously won another award for their title, Best Fiends, which we have to say is incredibly polished and hard to put down. With fun game characters, a score by Heitor Pereira, and a big brand strategy, Best Fiends was a highlight of a big year of Finnish mobile games.

    Sensation of the Year 2014: Finnish Game Jam association

    Neogames writes:

    The Finnish Game Jam has arranged industry meet-ups since 2010 and the year 2014 was a record-breaking year in terms of the number of participants and event venues around Finland. The active scene and events are essential for the industry development and it is necessary to support the activities in all ways possible.

    The full event can be found here, and it helps to speak Finnish.