logoFinnish blog platform (in Finnish) has scored an exit. Large Finnish media house Alma Media bought for an undisclosed sum from its founder Tuomas Rinta. Just back in July, Finnish blog reported (site in Finnish) that Rinta had stated the site is not up for sale and he was only going to develop it a bit further. has around 55,000 blogs on its platform and claims to have around 1,500 new blog posts every day.

The part of the Alma Media that acquired the blog platform, Iltalehti, is the publisher for the third largest printed newspaper in Finland as well as one of the most popular online media in Finland. Clearly Iltalehti has the synergies in mind here and probably aims to cross direct the readers to find new content in Iltalehti and in respectively. Iltalehti also bought that we covered previously as well.

There is some clear gathering of web properties here to be seen from the large media houses in Finland. Another big player especially in the Finnish markets, Sanoma, has been buying up web services at an increased pace. Their latest acquisition was the property, which promised to change the housing business forever.

Edit: Fixed the surname – it’s Rinta and not Rintala, like we falsely quoted.