Finnish Biohackers To Design New Motion Sensing Applications

How to be more productive? Many entrepreneurs are asking this question. There are plenty of studies, techniques and hacks on the Internet on how to upgrade your life, yet, the secret usually lies in day-to-day routines we are building that shape our performance. Data and technology help a lot in understanding our workflow and adopting new healthier habits for better productivity and focus.

“By perceiving your life as a system and seeing it through a lens of data you will be able to recognize the changes that lead to improved productivity and wellbeing.” – comments Teemu Arina, curator of Biohacker Summit, annual biohacking event held in Helsinki, Finland.

Recognizing the growing trend

Biohacking movement is taking over Finland with new solutions, apps and research. The growing number of larger players, like Suunto, international sports watch company headquartered in Finland, recognise the trend and team up with local biohacking community to design new applications for its products.

With its new platform MovesenseSuunto provides provide startups, developers and creative individuals the opportunity to design new motion sensing applications. Movesense platform consists of wearable sensors and a software development kit to speed up the development of applications that utilize motion data. The platform can track motion, analyze the data, and gain valuable insights while unlocking a whole new experience based on movement.

New applications for movement and health tracking

Biohacker Summit, Europe’s largest biohacking conference coming in Helsinki this fall, will showcase some Movesense based applications including real-time tracking of the Summit speakers on stage and provide visualized data in real-time. The authors of the best idea will be rewarded with 2000€+ worth of prizes. Plus, selected ideas will receive the Movesense Development Kit including two sensors for free.

Movesense is all about biohacking and through the event we can inform developers that they can now utilize Suunto hardware and manufacturing expertise to bring their own sensor projects to market very fast and cost-effectively. It’s also exciting for us to learn about the future of biohacking in order to channel our own development to the right direction” explains Senior Manager in Future Concepts of Suunto, Terho Lahtinen.

This new collaboration between Suunto and Biohacker Summit brings up a new concept to pitching competition, where startups do not pitch for money but showcase their ideas to their potential customers in exchange for real-time feedback. The event will host an upgraded exhibition, where health & fitness startups can showcase their product to Biohacker Summit’s 1,000 technologically-minded participants interested in self-tracking, optimizing human performance, health and wellbeing with the help of technological and biological tools.

The theme of the event this year is the “Microcosm & Macrocosm of Health”: Understanding health down from the microscopic level of nutrients, cells, nervous system and neurotransmitters up to the macroscopic view of human nutrition, technologies, ecosystems and the future of humanity. The keynote presentations deal with achieving healthy brain, body, fitness and peak performance. The upgraded exhibition features latest in nutrition, fitness, activity trackers, body modification, biohacking, consumer health testing and other methods to become a well functioning biological machinery.

If you are interested in biohacking, join the event on October 13-14, Helsinki, Finland.