Finnish Aitokaiku Starts Rollout Of Augmented Music App

    Aitokaiku, which enables users to transform sounds, movement, and lights into original shareable music in real-time, launched on Friday its mobile app.

    Aitokaiku, which brands itself as Instagram of Music, uses input from smartphone sensors, allowing users – regardless of their musical skills – to create their own reactive personal soundtracks by transforming input from their environments – including for example sounds, movement and lights.

    Jarno Eerola

    The app is created by Finnish composer and DJ Jarno Eerola (also known as Joe Le Bon), who with the app extends his work in synthesizing movement and data to electronic music.

    Users can download a preview version of Aitokaiku for Android devices from HERE. The full iOS and Android versions will launch by the end of March.

    At ArcticStartup we reviewed the app back in November.