Finland's Jakamo Raises €700 000 to Create Cross-Business Communications

    Seinäjoki based startup Jakamo has successfully closed a recent investment round today, with €700 000 in raised funds. Major contributions came from Prohoc, a privately owned Finnish multi-disciplinary company who provides project and business related engineering, consultation and documentation services. The raised funds will be used to strengthen and expand Jakamo’s sales and marketing departments, as well as product upgrading.

    Jakamo offers business collaboration services in the form of an online platform. The service provides a variety of business related applications which are designed to perform in business related functions, such as project management and sales deals, where collaboration and communication between companies is crucial.

    In practice, for example,a mining company who wishes to purchase logistical solutions from an engineering company could sign up to Jakamo. Instead of having both companies sending numerous individual emails between workers, they can choose Jakamo’s project management and sales applications to set up online discussion rooms, where each member of their respective departments could process and advance their tasks in a much more dynamic way. All the relevant information and contacts can be accessed from a single location, which becomes particularly helpful when a worker is involved in several projects with different companies.

    There are two main sections of applications; network and operative. The network development platform is where design, innovation and development related projects are managed from. The operative platform is meant for functional business actions such as sales offer processes and reclamations.

    Jakamo believes involving company members from both sides into an open-source information network greatly increases the velocity and efficiency of company co-operation. Large corporations have gigantic amounts of communications going in and out, often making any information management a true nightmare.

    An online platform makes this communication much more organized and the transparency gives space for creative and innovative implementations.

    Jakamo has hundreds of clients, mostly industrial corporations, in 9 different countries, who have reported high content and tons of useful feedback. Client companies vary from smaller teams of a few dozen workers to large multinational corporations with huge business networks. These larger companies usually have specific departments signed into the service, as not to complicate things too much by involving hundreds of workers who work on entirely different projects.

    The company can hardly deny how pleased they are with the closed round. What better way of being assured of the quality of your service than rounding €700k in seed investments?  The company’s self-esteem has never been higher.

    “This financing demonstrates that the professionals of manufacturing industries recognize the value of our work and vision. We are determined more than ever to become the platform for information sharing in manufacturing industries”, says Anssi Uitto, CEO and Co-founder of Jakamo.

    Prohoc, who also comes from an industrial background, was attracted by Jakamo’s approach and Matti Manner, the CEO of Prohoc commented that “[Jakamo’s] user-friendly product has a great potential to become an industry standard to manage and share information in complex manufacturing networks and supply chains.”

    International networking and obviously successful corporation information managing fits the image of Jakamo, even though I’d suggest they hire A Lot of new English translators.