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Finland has one of those peculiar western cultures where failure isn’t tolerated. Failure isn’t tolerated socially nor is it tolerated in the society at large. One of the most common outcomes of starting high growth businesses is that most of them go bankrupt. This means, that failure is at the core of high risk entrepreneurship. This is something that hasn’t been accepted in Finland and the National Fail Day (in Finnish), celebrated today, is the first public awareness act to change this.

The movement has been inspired by similar events in the US. The day is full of smaller events through out the nation, to promote the acceptance of failure. In addition, the website promoting the day has gathered influential people from Finnish sporting life, politics, business life and even the former CEO of Nokia, Jorma Ollila to talk about failure (all in Finnish unfortunately).

It’s great to see initiatives like this reach national awareness. Most national media outlets in Finland have covered the day and spread awareness through doing so. Finland really needs to tolerate failure a lot better in the future to motivate people to take bigger risks, learn and succeed.

We’ll leave you with a legendary ad from Michael Jordan on failure – pretty much sums up the whole point.

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