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Better Decisions For €29/Month: Promise of Finnish startup Fingertip

Finnish startup Fingertip – which aims to stand out in a crowded market of co-working applications with its focus on supporting decision-making across organisations – rolled out on Tuesday its mobile app.

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Founder Jaakko Pellosniemi is convinced the application, which works on top of Salesforce software, is unique in the market, but he declines to unveil any details on how many users it has for the 29 euros per month offering. In its first four financial years (2011-2014) it created total revenues of just over 100,000 euros, while it lost a total of 1 million euros, according to registry filings.

The problem Fingertip tries to solve is an obvious one – companies make too many bad decisions. Organizations make decisions somewhere between emails and meetings, and research Fingertip shares has found that 50 percent of decisions fail, employees spend 35 percent of their working time waiting for a decision and 51 percent of decisions are not even aligned with strategy.

“I thought how can it be that we have modern technology and digitalized practically everything except the most important thing that businesses do: Decisions. There are a myriad of internal communication tools out there but Fingertip gives companies a place and structure for their decision making and can be used from any device,” Pellosniemi said.

Fingertip’s board members include among others Hanny Syrjänen, former Sanoma CEO, and former Habbo Hotel CEO Timo Soininen.

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