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Fingersoft publishes 'Adventurous' sequel to Benji Bananas

Fingersoft, the Oulu, Finland-based developer of Hill Climb Racing, is expanding their role as a publisher with the laucnh of Tribeflame’s mobile game, Benji Bananas’s Adventure for iOS. The game is the sequel of Benji Bananas, the mobile game that’s counted 35 million downloads.

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As a quick game review, I’m going to do that thing where you play the first ten short levels and then tell you exactly how the game is played. So! In the game you play a jerk little monkey trying to swing between vines and trampoline hammocks to get as far as possible to the right side of the screen. The key of the game is to keep momentum, sometimes avoiding the vines in front of you in the hopes that there’ll be one below you as you accelerate faster downwards, giving you more speed and distance on your next swing.

The beginning levels are easy enough, but you’re limited by the number of swings you can take. If you fail three times, the game prompts you if you would like to purchase more swings to make your trip to solid land a little easier. The swinging mechanic is similar to the first Benji Bananas, but Tibeflame says that this new iteration has a vastly different game experience.

Benji Bananas has over 100 levels, and during every 10 levels or so you’re given a cutscene of Benji and his girlfriend fighting their way through the jungle.

“We developed a sequel to the first Benji Bananas, because the players loved the game and were asking for more. Benji Bananas Adventures is first published on iOS, with an Android version following soon after,” Torulf Jernstrom, CEO of Tribeflame explains. “Fingersoft was a perfect publishing partner the first time, so it was clear we would continue the collaboration.”

In total, publisher and game dev Fingersoft coungts 50 million monthly active users, so they have a good platform to promot e the new game.

Benji Bananas Adventures can be found in the app store, here.

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