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Fingersoft becomes international publisher with new launch

Despite Finland’s gaming prowess, the country’s gaming studios only seem to be testing the water when it comes to taking advantage of their download numbers to help push new games. Looking around in Finland Rovio has their Rovio Stars publishing platform, which is slowly but steadily pushing out new games, and Fingersoft is catching up with their first international release – Pick a Pet from SixMinute, a Dublin based game studio.

SixMinute was founded back in 2012 by five founders from PopCap games – where they developed titles like Plants Vs. Zombies, Bejewled, and Peggle. Pick a Pet looks like it’s staying close to what SixMinute knows, doing elements of the match-three gameplay. Certain titles require you to strategize using the special powers provided by your collection of pets. It looks like it’ll hit the moms and 14 year-olds that like Candy Crush demographic, I suppose.

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Fingersoft’s name was built on the back of their own title, Hill Climb Racing, and ahs has recently been publishing titles like TribeFlame’s Benji Bananas Adventures. In total, Fingersoft claims 500,000 daily downloads of all their products. Hill Climb Racing alone has 200 million global downloads.

“During the past year we have received dozens of games for review from numerous game studios from all over the world. Pick A Pet immediately drew our attention,” Jaakko Kylmäoja, Fingersoft’s VP of Publishing says.

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