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Partied too hard and lost your stuff? There’s a cool new Finnish startup looking to help you out with your lost belongings – FinderBase.com. The was launched only a few days ago, on the First of May in Helsinki, Finland. The launch was handled in junction with the First of May celebrations, where most of the country goes out to celebrate in parks with their friends. Needless to say, a lot of stuff is lost.

The service is extremely simple. You can sign-up and report if you have lost or found something. This is done onto a Google Map and as you do it, you categorise the item accordingly. Both finders and people who lose items thus post notes and add value to the service.

The genious part is in the business model. If you wish to post an item you’ve lost, you need to pay one euro. As a compliment of signing up, all users are given 20 credits (which equals to one euro) and they can use that to post their lost item.

The service in itself is extremely simple and there shouldn’t be a lot of problems in getting the it up and running for users in a good way. The challenge for services like FinderBase come in the issue of positioning – how do they position themselves to become THE platform for lost and found items. There can’t be many or otherwise the value is lost in the fragmented services.

One of the potential go-to-market ideas could be co-operation with venues. Instead of posting items just randomly here and there, if they are able to sell this idea to bars and clubs for example to start using this as their service to handle lost and found items – they could be onto something. FinderBase has already taken into use the idea of venues and lost and found items in those places, which could turn out to be a very valuable feature.