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We’ve done a few changes to the site to make it more appealing to our readers. As there are many startups and organisations who we haven’t been able to write about, we’ve enabled advertising on our site with 125x125px banners to give more visibility to these companies. You can read more about the advertising solutions over here and if you wish to ask about some customisations or details, don’t hesitate to contact Miikka (@arcticstartup.com) about it. By advertising on our site, you’re also supporting the whole scene by keeping us going and helping us dramatically improve the concept over time.

On another note, we’re also announcing a new Arctic Evening (previously known as ArcticStartup events). Mark down 2nd of October to your calendars as we’ll be gathering once more in Dubrovnik for some drinks, networking and discussion on the startup scene in general. We’re still in the making of the schedule, so I can’t reveal too much of that at this point in time, but keep reading – we’ll open it up in a few days as things progress.

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