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Fazer Building the Future of Food

One of the largest players in the Finnish food industry Fazer invites food industry influencers to build an ecosystem for open innovation. Everyone, from large organisations to investors, SMEs, startups and research institutes interested in renewing the food and food technology sector are warmly welcome.

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Finnish food sector has seen a lot of transformative developments in recent years, including various food waste technologies and a plant-based solutions. Fazer has been in the forefront of food innovation with its research and initiatives. For example, the company has organized the first food hackathon in Finland to promote brain health, and to develop new plant-based solutions. Fazer’s Brainhow program introduced a holistic approach to brain health, having a goal to increase awareness of the role of nutrition, sleep, cognitive, physical and mental performance and well-being. Plus, the company revolutionised the traditional food-industry with new products such as juuresleipä, replacing 30% of flour with vegetable starches.

“Cross-border cooperation in the field of open innovation can create new growth opportunities for the entire food industry. Now we invite companies and influencers from the industry to build an ecosystem that will enable prosperity of the food sector. Together, we can promote the development of sustainable innovation in the region.” says Fazer’s CEO Christoph Vitzthum.

Fazer wants to boost interest around the global innovation platform for the food and food technology within the Northern European region. The aim is to bring new internationally recognised innovations in the market.

“Food industry in Northern Europe is needs a genuine co-development ecosystem. Through open innovation we enable new kinds of cooperation models.” says Fazer Group’s director Päivi Juolahti.

Fazer aims to work with food start-ups and young entrepreneurs offering opportunities for growth, cooperation and networking, as well as strong consumer base and nutrition expertise. For larger companies the company provides its network for finding business partners.

Thus, Fazer invites those interested in open innovation for food industry to join the initiative at www.fazergroup.com/openinnovation. The company will organize a joint event in early November to discuss and kick-off the innovation ecosystem in Northern Europe. Join the initiative here.

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