Faralong – Airbnb of adventure travel?

    Faralong.com, a digital booking platform connecting travellers directly to travel services worldwide, aims for digitalizing the adventure travel market.

    A new sales platform for travellers, Faralong.com, has been launched today to make the adventure travel market more open and accessible. Faralong aims on cutting costs for both sides of the travel market with their direct online sales, responsive booking engine and fixed pricing system.

    “As the world’s leading experts, like Google Travel executive Niels Magill at AITO conference, announce that travel firms are becoming a dying breed due to lack of cooperation with providers, digitalization and mobile scalability, at least one company is ready to win that fight, and launching, ” says Kalle Viira, CMO and co-founder of Faralong.

    Clients as marketers

    The main goal of the service is to create a see-through pricing model for the customers searching for guided tours or adventure holidays around the world.

    “It all started with the idea of giving the benefit of price progression to the client instead of increasing our own margin. After all, it comes from the cost of the travellers’ experience. We listed all the things we disliked in our business from the clients’ and local operator’s perspective, and realized we can fix all of them quite easily with new approach and technology,” Viira explains.

    Faralong offers the same prices to both private tours and open departures, and the platform gives its users an opportunity to make the best possible deals by promoting the tour themselves to their social network. If you get more people to join in for instance on a tour in Ecuador – the cheaper it gets for everyone. Viira emphasizes that their unique model recruits the clients of the service as marketers.

    “This is a real novelty, the way we serve our clients with this system. I don’t know any other company that drops your price with possibly hundreds of euros in case you help them to get another customer through social media. Plus, you can use the platform just as easily with your tablet or mobile,” says Viira.

    After checking out the fluctuating prices of online booking services while thinking about summer holiday destinations, Faralong seems like a great option for active travelers. And we’re not the only ones who believe in this service – The company has already raised more than $500 000 from venture capital funds and leading travel partners in Asia and South America.