Famly announces investment by Klaus Nyengaard and other prominent entrepreneurs

    Famly, A user-friendly digital platform for preschools and parents, finishes successfully an early investment round.

    Famly, the startup focusing on getting kindergarten and preschool communication with parents a lot better, has announced an early investment round by very prominent angels.

    “We have been a bit overwhelmed by the interest. It was insanely important to us that we got some of which could add a lot of value to the company with good and different skills. It was at least as important as getting some money.” says Anders Laustsen from Famly to Børsen.

    The investors include well known Klaus Nyengaard, but also Morten Primdahl and Alexander Aghassipour, who both are co-founders of Zendesk, and Christian Birk, former managing director of Endomondo. The investment is € 375 000 in total. They are all convinced that Famly is working on the right solution to a big problem.

    “If the product is flexible enough to adapt to different countries and cultures, I can imagine that it is something that you use in tens of thousands of institutions. Obviously it needs to be made clear that is a long way. But they’ve got a really good start.” says Klaus Nyengaard to Børsen.

    Famly works by solving a couple of problems at the same time. It makes it easy for parents to keep up-to-date thru their app. At the same time, it makes administration and overview for the kindergarten or preschool easier. Also, it acts as a website and homepage for the kindergarten, making that an integrated part as well. Their focus on design and making it easy to use really makes their services convenient.

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